How to get there.

To the Irlam Jetty:

From Eccles: Follow A57 east for approx 3 miles, just past Boysnope golf course turn left into the small industrial estate.
From Irlam: Follow A57 or Liverpool Road West, Just past the Irlam A57/Liverpool Road roundabout turn immediatelly right into the small industrial estate.

In the Industrial Estate: Continue through till you reach the iron railings. There is a path ( 250 yards long )down the left side of the Iron Railings leading to the Irlam Jetty.

To the Flixton Jetty:

Follow Woodsend Road turning into Eddisbury Ave following the Millenium Nature Reserve Park signs.
Bare left then right at the roundabout( effectively going straight on ) till you reach the car park.
A footpath leads down from the carpark, past the Park entrance and the old ferrymans house down to the jetty.
NOTE:Access via the Irlam access path( now designated the public right of way ) can be fraught with difficulty as it has been constantly flooded throughout 2017, sometimes cut off by temporary fencing and used by dumper trucks and diggers during building works and has dumped lorry trailers parked all over it.
This is beyond our control and it beggers belief that efforts to put it right are met by council opposition who own the path and have a duty to public rights of way that they have never honoured in this instance.

Safer routes exist but are not rights of way ... 1) Through the old railway tunnels in the golf course( this is the old, now officially closed, Public Right of Way ).
and 2) accross the dual carriageway by the new petrol station then through the forest behind the recycling centre( not a public right of way but people have used it for decades ).