Official Timetable( 2019 )
3 May to 9 Sept 13 Sept to 3 Nov
Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. - 12.15h to 17.15h Fri, Sat, Sun. - 1200h to 1600h

1) The Ferry may be cancelled subject to weather and flood water.
2) First crossing 10-15 mins after opening; Last crossing 5 mins before closing.
3) Pets and bicycles are now permitted at the discretion of the ferryperson.
4) The ferry may carry up to 4 persons at a time and takes 2 to 3 minutes to cross.
5) There is NO FISHING from the jetties. This applies to anywhere on the ship canal as ordered by Peel Ports.
     This is particularly relevant to the jetties that are built and maintained for passengers of the ferry service NOT for poaching fish!

Special Arrangements:-

( The ferry may be used outside the scheduled times for groups of 4 or more by prior arrangement with the ferryperson )

TEL: 07525 106724